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Watching Videos in Ubuntu 13.04

One of the many things you may want to do with your Ubuntu operating system is to watch videos. This can range anywhere from watching a DVD to downloading a how-to video and watching it. Ubuntu 13.04 makes it easy to watch videos by including the Totem Movie Player. This post will show you two…

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Managing Pictures and Images with Ubuntu 13.04

With the rise of Digital cameras, more and more digital pictures are being stored onto people’s computers. With all of these pictures being stored on computers people have the need to be able to manage those pictures using applications such as Shotwell photo manager and GIMP. This post will show you how Ubuntu 13.04 makes…

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Listening to Music with Ubuntu 13.04

LIstening to music is something that I find myself wanting to to quite often. I have a fairly large music collection with different types of music depending on my mood. Ubuntu 13.04 makes it easy to manage my music collection and listen to the music that I am in the mood for. This Post will…

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How to Change the Sound Settings on Ubuntu 13.04

Anytime you are listening to music or watching a video on your Ubuntu operating system you may find that you need to turn the volume up or down to fit your listening needs. Ubuntu 13.04 makes it very easy to change the volume settings on your computer and this tutorial will show you just how…

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Getting Started with the LibreOffice Suite with Ubuntu 13.04

When using Ubuntu you may find that you are needing to work with documents. As it turns out Ubuntu 13.04 comes preloaded with a full Office Productivity Suite similar to Microsoft Office. This full Office Productivity Suite is called LibreOffice. This Post will give you a brief introduction of LibreOffice

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