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Is There a Fourth Option to the Sinking Windows XP Ship?

Bill is a Windows XP user that has been using Windows for many years. He has used Windows 95 and Windows 98 before switching to Windows XP. You could say that Bill is the typical Windows user that has had problems with Windows over the years. Bill has had problems with viruses, bloatware, and programs…

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Changing the Appearance in Ubuntu 13.10

One of the most common thing that a user will do to their computer is to change the appearance of their desktop and layout. In almost every case this will include changing the desktop background or wallpaper and color scheme. This tutorial will show you how to change the appearance of your Ubuntu 13.10 computer.

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Getting Started with Browsing the Internet with Ubuntu 13.10

The most common task by far that the average user uses a computer for is to browse the Internet. With this being the case it would only make sense that Ubuntu 13.10 make it easy and simple to browse the Internet. Ubuntu 13.10 along with many other Linux distributions comes with Firefox as the default…

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How to Backup and Restore Ubuntu 13.10.

A few weeks ago the hard drive on my computer went bad on me. I could not even boot the computer to try to copy anything to a flash drive. The good news is none of this mattered to me. I had a complete back up of everything I needed and did not have to…

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How to Burn CDs and DVDs with Ubuntu 13.10

Whether you are trying to burn a music CD or a back up DVD Ubuntu 13.10 makes it easy to burn CDs and DVDs. By default Ubuntu 13.10 comes with a great burning tool pre installed. This burning tool is called Brasero. This tutorial will show you how to get started with burning CDs and…

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