Do You Want a More Reliable Computer?

Conversion ebook

With Windows XP approaching the End-of-Life in April you may be thinking what is this going to mean for me.

It means that as a Windows XP user you will no longer be supported by Microsoft.  You will not recieve any additional updates to security flaws or bug fixes. Your computer will be very vulnerable to hackers due to new security flaws not being fixed.

Hardware makers will no longer support Windows XP. This means that if you were to buy a new keyboard, mouse, or even printer, it may not work due to lack of support. Other software companies will no longer support Windows XP and therefore other applications you use daily will no longer receive updates.

If you do not take action, the consequences could be devastating.

The Linux Startup is proud to present the Windows XP to Linux Conversion Guide. This guide will show you exactly step by step how to take your Windows XP computer and install Ubuntu 13.10 on it. You will be shown everything from backing up your Windows XP computer to installing Ubuntu and even how to use Ubuntu for the everyday tasks that you do now.

The Best Part: Ubuntu is free along with all of the software you can think of for it.

Do not wait. The Windows XP End-of-Life deadline is approaching.