How to Install Linux Mint 14 MATE (dual-boot Windows)

Linux Mint has been around since 2006. Linux Mint is a full multimedia supported desktop operating system very similar to Ubuntu. Linux Mint is the fourth most used home operating system behind Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. Linux Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu. This guide will show you how to install Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” as a dual-boot with Windows. This guide is for the MATE edition.

Before you begin make sure you have the following system requirements for this installation guide. This ensures a simple and easier installation.



CPU: 600MHz


The first step you need to do to complete the Linux Mint is to go to the Linux Mint website and download the ISO image. The link to the download page can be found here:

Once you have downloaded the ISO image for the installation then you need to burn the ISO image to a blank DVD. If you do not know how to do this then do a Google search for “burning ISO image” using your operating system. I will be posting a guide soon on how to do this but for now there are many great tutorials out there.

Once you have burned the ISO image to a blank DVD then it is time to start the installation. Put the disk into the disk drive if it isn’t already and reboot your computer. When your computer reboots be sure to boot off of the Disk and not back into your current operating system. If your computer does not boot off of the disk then you may have to change your bios settings.

Once you boot off of the Linux Mint disk then your screen should look like the image below.


Linux Mint disk actually boots into a live Linux environment in which you can try out Linux Mint and not affect your hard drive. From here you can try out Linux or install it. In this guide I will be showing you how to install Linux Mint so go ahead and double click on the “Install Linux Mint” icon to get started. Your screen will then look like the picture shown below in which you will then select your language and click Continue.


On the next screen you will click continue verifying that you have at least 6.1 GB of available hard drive and are connected to the Internet.


On the next screen you will select install Linux Mint alongside Windows and click continue. This will allow your computer to become a dual-boot with Windows and Linux Mint.


You would then be able to select the amount of hard drive space you want to allocate for each operating system. Remember to leave enough space for your Windows operating system if you’re planning to still use it. Click “Install Now” when you’re finished.


You will then get a pop up on your screen asking if you want to confirm your changes. When you click continue there is no going back make sure that your changes are accurate. Click continue.


On this screen you will then select your time zone. My time zone happens to be the same time zone as New York therefore I clicked on New York as my time zone. Once you’ve selected your time zone click continue.


On the next screen you will choose your keyboard layout. If you know what it is already then you may select it from the list. If not, then you may click “Detect Keyboard Layout” and follow the steps on the screen. Click continue once you have selected your keyboard layout.


Now it is time to type your name, computer name, username, and password. You can choose to have your computer login automatically to the username you supplied order require you to login every time you turn your computer on. Click continue.


On the next screen you have the option to import documents and settings from the accounts on the Windows installation. For example you can import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer. I chose not to import any settings or documents but you can if you want. Click continue.


Now your computer will finish copying the files required for the installation and complete the installation. This could take a while so be patient Linux mint


Once the installation is complete your computer will prompt you to reboot. Click reboot to reboot into your new Linux Mint 14 MATE Operating System.


When your computer reboots the Grub boot loader will load and you will have the option to select which operating system you want to boot into. You can select Windows to boot into your Windows environment or select Linux Mint 14 to boot into your new Linux environment.


Once you boot into your Linux Mint operating system if you chose to login automatically earlier then you will go straight to the desktop otherwise you will come to the login prompt shown below.


Once you are logged in you should come to the desktop shown below.


Congratulations you have successfully installed Linux Mint 14 MATE onto your computer alongside Windows. If you like this guide, be sure to like and share on the bar to the left. Also be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy.