The Linux Startup is a Linux tutorial/help site that is dedicated to helping you use Linux. Linux has been around for many years but still has a steep learning curve on how to use the operating system. On top of that there is very little documentation that is actually worth reading and helpful. The Linux Startup is relatively new at this point but has hopes of overcoming this huge problem for Linux.

The Linux Startup is run by Jeremy Shanks who has a passion for Linux. Jeremy currently works a full time job on top of running this website. With that being said running The Linux Startup is one of Jeremy’s top priorities. Jeremy wants to make it easy for anyone who wants to use Linux in the hopes that they can overcome the problems with other paid operating system and all of their problems. Jeremy also writes all tutorials and posts himself with have all been tested on his personal computer. If you would like to contact Jeremy as everyone is encouraged to do so use the Contact Page. Jeremy also encourages active participation on The Linux Startup, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment in any of the tutorials and Jeremy will do his best to reply.

The Linux Startup wishes you a great day!