How to Disable Online Results In Dash Launcher (Ubuntu 13.04)

In the Dash launcher in Ubuntu 13.04 there are “suggestions” given to you that come from online that Ubuntu includes in their operating system. As sample of those results is shown below. This tutorial will show you how to disable those online results.


The first step to do when disabling online results in Ubuntu 13.04 is to go to the system setting as shown in the picture below.


The next thing you need to do is click on the “Privacy” icon as shown below.


You will then see the option to turn online search results to the “OFF” position. This will disable those annoying online results that don’t seem to be helpful in the first place.


While in the Privacy menu you will also see the option to turn “Record Activity” to the “OFF” position. This will remove the recent files that are given to you as results in the dash menu.


Now when you search for something in the Dash launcher you will no longer receive the online results as you did before.


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