How to change the Sound Settings in Ubuntu 13.10

There are countless reasons that you would want to change your sound settings in Ubuntu 13.10. Whether you are listening to music or trying to adjust your microphone input settings changing your sound settings can be an essential task. This tutorial will show you how to change your Sound settings in Ubuntu 13.10.

The easiest way to open up the sound settings is to go to the top right corner of the desktop and in the panel is a sound indicator icon. If you click on the icon you can do basic settings such as adjusting the volume. Here you also have the option to open up the full Sound Settings application as shown below.

Ubuntu1310_SoundSettings_01 Once you have the Sound Settings application open you will be able to change basic settings such as the Balance, Fade, and Output Mode. You will have the ability to test your settings by clicking the “Test Sound” button.


If you click on the Input tab you will have the options to change the input device and input levels.


If you click the Sound Effects tab you will have the option to change the system alert sound settings. You even have the option to turn off the system alert sound.


If you click on the Applications tab you will be able to change the sound options for applications that are currently playing audio. Unfortunately, I did not have anything playing when doing this tutorial and could not take a screenshot of the available settings but have provided a screenshot of what the tab looks like when nothing is playing.


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