How to Change the Power Settings in Ubuntu 13.10

Out of the box I do not like the way that Ubuntu 13.10 handles my power settings. I do not like it turning off my screen and going to standby after a certain amount of time and I do not like it locking my screen after only a few min of inactivity. If you are like me or would simply like to change your power settings then this tutorial will be very helpful for you. This tutorial will show you how to change the power settings in Ubuntu 13.10.

The first step to change the power settings in Ubuntu 13.10 is to open up the Dash and search for “Power”. You will then click on the icon of the battery and wall plugin. This will open up the the power settings application.


Once you have the power settings application open you will be able to change when your computer goes to sleep and many more settings if you are using a laptop. In the screenshot below I was on a Desktop computer so therefore I have less options to change then someone who has a laptop computer.


If you click on the link to the Screen Brightness and Lock Settings then you will be able to change when the computer locks the screen. Personally, since i do not have to worry about locking my desktop I prefer to set my computer to never lock the screen. This is just a personal preference though.


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