Browsing the Internet on Ubuntu 13.04.

As with any modern operating system Ubuntu 13.04 has many options for accessing the Internet. One of the ways to access the Internet is to browse the Web. Ubuntu 13.04 comes with Firefox as the default web browser. For those of you that are not familiar with Firefox, it is similar to Internet Explorer on the Windows operating system. This short post will show you how to get started browsing the web with the Firefox web browser on Ubuntu 13.04.

To open Firefox the default web browser in Ubuntu 13.04 you can search the Dash for “Firefox” When Firefox opens it should look similar to the screenshot shown below.



Once Firefox is open you will be able to enter the address of the website you are wanting to navigate to in the address bar at the top. on the right you will see a place that you can conduct searches. This is nice when needing to find something on the internet. Firefox has plugin support what allows you to install Flash, Java, and many other plugins.

While the default browser is great I still prefer the Google Chrome web browser. To see how to get started with the Google Chrome browser see my Installing Google Chrome tutorial.

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