Tour of Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Interface.

There are several desktop environments that are available for Ubuntu 13.04. The default graphical user interface for Ubuntu 13.04 is called Unity. I am writing this post to give you a short and simple tour of the Unity Desktop.

When you first log in to the Unity Desktop environment your screen will look similar to the screenshot shown below.


On the left you will see a vertical bar called the Launcher. This is similar to the quick launcher in Windows. You can click on one of the Icons to open the program represented by the icon. You can also right-click on an icon and do what is called unlocking it from the Launcher. This will remove the icon from the Launcher. You can also add an item to the Launcher by locking it when the program is open.

Across the top of the screen you will find the Panel. In the panel you will find the network manager Indicator, time, and other indicators. When you have a program open in Unity you will also find all of the menus such as File or Edit for that program in this Panel. The Panel will also have the close and minimize buttons in the top left corner.

If you click on the Ubuntu logo in the Launcher you will be taken to the Dash as shown below.


The Dash is where you will go to open programs that are not in the Launcher. Here you will be able to search for programs and files at the top. At the bottom you will see a house icon along with other little icons. These are called lenses which can help you focus in more on your search. The icon that looks like an “A” takes you to the applications lens as shown below.


Here you will see that in the right top corner you will be able to filter the applications by certain categories such as games as shown below.


This is end of my short Unity Interface tutorial. If you have any questions or comment don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Also, if you found this tutorial helpful please like and share this tutorial so that other people can find it more easily.