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How to Change User Passwords in Ubuntu 13.04

Anytime you have login accounts on an Ubuntu operating system you will have to deal with having a password. With this being the case, you may want to change your password for good security measure from time to time. This tutorial will show you how to change your user password in Ubuntu 13.04.

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The Ubuntu Filesystem Hierarchy: What is in it?

Anytime you are working with any operating system you should understand how the basic file system structure works. This is the same for working with Ubuntu Linux. Linux has inherited a well-planned hierarchy from UNIX which stores all of the information on your computer everything from your configuration files to your pictures is stored somewhere…

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What Is the Command Line in Linux?

Hardly a day goes by when I do not sit down at my computer and fire up the command line. Whether I am installing programs or managing users and permissions I find that I am much faster when using the command line. The command line is simply much more efficient than using the graphical user…

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How to Find Available Software from the Command Line using APT in Ubuntu 13.04

When working from the command line you may find that you are wanting to install a specific package for a certain task but do not know what that package is called. There is a way to search through the available packages or software from the repositories in the command line or terminal. This search tool…

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How to Add and Remove Software Using Synaptic in Ubuntu 13.04

There may come a time when you’re adding and removing software on Ubuntu 13.04 that you want to install or remove something specific such as a library. You also may want to completely reconfigure your Ubuntu system. If you found this is the case, you may want to use Synaptic. This tutorial will show you…

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